Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday Night

Lest you think I spent my entire weekend cleaning, I am sharing the photos below. Sunday was my sister's birthday and we went out Saturday night to celebrate. Yup, even me.

There were probably 20 people out for dinner, but there wasn't room for all of us to sit together. So here we have me and Dan on the left and Charity and Sam on the right. Dan is Charity's dad and Sam is Charity's husband. Note that he is not my brother Sam. My Sam came out later, so we had Sam Squared for much of the evening.

Dan grew up with my dad. His first wife, Kathy, grew up with my mom. So that means we grew up with Charity and her sister Jessica. In fact, for a while we all shared a duplex. They are non-blood family.

Me, Alex (my sister), Charity and Lisa taking a break from a wild game of ping pong. Actually, Alex was playing with her neighbor while the rest of us dodged flying balls and paddles. It was spicy.

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