Sunday, February 8, 2009

Liz IN Hat

Today was just what my messed up Virgo self needed. I spent the morning cleaning the fridge, which you can see below. Isn't is fun to see what is left in my fridge? For example, three jars of pickles. I should take a photo of my fridge every time I go shopping. Wouldn't that be so helpful? That way, when I can't remember if I have any pickles left, I can just look at my camera and see that yes, I DO have pickles, and plenty of them.

After I cleaned the fridge, I watched more Deadwood while knitting a gauge swatch for my sister's hat. I knit so tightly that, even though the pattern calls for size 6 needles, I had to go up to a 9. Clearly I should have a cocktail while knitting so I would loosen up a little.

About Deadwood. Lest you think I am into westerns or something, let me tell you I am not. But I do like history. And HBO tends to do a great job with character development and all. It is an interesting show. But I generally watch it while knitting or folding mountains of laundry.

I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out the kids' closet, as planned. Thank God Monday is garbage day! The evidence will be gone by the time I walk Nora out to get on the bus. I gave my mom EIGHT fireman hats to bring to her preschool. Seriously-my girls love to play dress up, but who the heck needs eight fireman hats? Crazy town! I also pawned off two bags of size three clothes and a maternity parka on my sister to bring to her pregnant neighbor. Isn't that so sneaky? Because she isn't going to drive them all back up into the sticks to my house. She can either keep them or dispose of them herself. And I never have to know exactly where they ended up. I can just pretend they were all put to good use. And now the bedroom closet only contains toys that have all of their pieces and that actually get played with. Huge relief on my part. Their closet was a deathtrap.

I went to Sunday bbq by myself, which was incredibly relaxing! The cousins were not very happy with me for coming without the kids, but it was awesome to get my own plate, eat my own food, and not have to worry about anyone else's nutrition. Plus, I remembered my camera. So I handed Liz her hat and immediately snapped her photo. She kept the hat on all through dinner, so I think it is a hit. Sadly, though, today is Alex's birthday and I had nothing to give her since the gauge swatching only happened this morning. I am knitting with friends tomorrow night, so hopefully I can get that hat well on its way. Just in time for her to jet off to Puerto Rico, where she won't really need it. Too bad I have no sympathy for her.

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