Monday, February 27, 2012

New Purses

Over winter break, I had to sew myself a new purse. A hole had worn through my old one, and holes in purses don't really work. My aunt had bought me and Nora a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store for our birthdays, and we had already purchased fabric for both. I just hadn't had a chance to sew yet. 

This is a lot brighter and way more fun than my old purse, which was gray, black and red. I LOVE the bold, modern flowers and the unexpected color combinations. 

I also made myself this silly fox purse. I felt like I needed something cute, and when I saw this fabric I couldn't pass it up. I love the oranges and purples together. Sadly, I finished this purse and went to zip it up, and the zipper was broken. Deep sigh. I am in the process of ripping out stitches so I can install a higher quality zipper. Maybe over spring break. 

This is what Nora selected, which really surprised me. I never would have guessed she would choose red, black and white, or a geometric fabric. But it turned out great and she loves it. I made the strap about a foot shorter than my strap, and it is the perfect length for her. Isn't is awesome that she chose a red strap instead of a black strap? Spunky, that girl. 

Dana, of course, felt that it was quite unjust that Nora had a new purse and I had TWO! She had a good point, so I took her to select 3 fat quarters, and after much deliberation, this is what she chose. I never would have selected ponies, guitars and polka dots for her, though the purple sure didn't surprise me. It is vivid and adventurous, just like Dana.

I miss sewing so much when school is in session. I can still knit because it's easy to knit a few rows here and there. Knitting is so portable! But sewing requires space, an ironing board, a sewing machine, and mess. Those are harder to accommodate when I am focused on school. I may have overindulged with 4 purses, but it sure was fun!