Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Dress for Dana

I really love fabric.

I recently bought this lovely fabric on Etsy, with my Little D in mind. Her favorite color is purple, and my favorite color is green. Surely you can see why this trio was so appealing to both of us.

It's from Michael Miller. I think it comes in some different color schemes, too, if purple and green aren't your thing. The one in the middle is called Feeling Groovy. I can't remember what the other two are called.

Ever since I made Nora the ill-fated fairy dress, Dana has been asking me to sew one for her. And that's just what I did over the weekend.

I used the same pattern as Nora's dress, with the skirt from the pattern and the bodice traced from a different dress. As you can see, the bodice wasn't a perfect fit. It sort of slips off of her shoulder. But Dana doesn't seem to mind, so neither do I.

Here's the back view. My knitting group met last night, and I used Heidi's machine to sew buttonholes onto the dress. Dana picked some fancy lavender heart buttons, which are not really visible in the photo. But they look pretty sweet.

On a sad note, my machine started acting extra funky towards the end of this dress. I finished it without major problems. However, I went to take in the waist on a pair of shorts for Nora and wow-no dice! The top thread goes in just fine but the bobbin thread doesn't catch. Heidi, who knows a lot more about machines than I do, said it sounds like the tension is going, and there is no hope for it if that is the case. And since I have had it at the shop twice and he hasn't had success with it, I think its time is up. I knew this was coming. I just can't figure out why, when all I can think about is sewing, my machine decides it is done. Bad timing!

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