Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Sewing and a Little Bit of Crazy

I am planning to use my sewing machine up until the bitter end. Just so you know.

Last night I cut out and started some pajama pants for Kevin. Dana selected some pretty wild shark fabric from Hancock.

Today I did the finishing, meaning the casing, elastic and hemming. In total, it may have taken two hours, but I think it was less. Pajamas are pretty easy, but I did spend a bit of time with the seam ripper: once because I messed up, once because the machine balked (I rethreaded it and was able to finish the pants without trouble), and once because I had to make the waist tighter. I rather like making pajama pants. I can use some pretty crazy fabric and it doesn't really matter because nobody sees them, except for the people who live in my house and the people who read this blog. That's all.

Kevin tells me he likes these pj pants, and that they are comfy. I choose to believe him.

In other news, my mom gave me her composter! Can I tell you that I have reached a new level of dorkiness by how excited I am about this?

Dana and I did our grocery shopping yesterday, and today I cut up the pineapple and watermelon so it's ready to eat. I filled my giant mixing bowl and happily toted it off to the composter behind the garage.

See how much rotten produce I already have? Isn't is so not interesting? I know it isn't, but I am excited. Excited by the fact that this stuff will be useful to me instead of going into the trash. There are husks from 16 ears of corn, plus my pineapple and watermelon peels, plus some stuff I pulled out of the fridge that was past its prime. According to what I have read on the World Wide Web, I will have some lovely, nourishing compost for my garden in 3-5 weeks! Yay for compost!

This is the outside of the composter, for anyone who is actually interested. It isn't as fun as one of those that you can spin, but it is gigantic and will serve my country living well.

Look at what I have become: one photo of something I sewed and three photos of compost.


  1. I hear you want to use your sewing machine up to the bitter end - any chance you want to run my black pants through - I split the outer seam in the rear end area (thank god for double seams) at Bellisio's the other night - the only hitch is that I need them Friday - can I drop them off for you tonight? I could even do it myself if you set me up...

  2. You know I love a project with a purpose! Hide Lizzie's backside! Woohoo!