Monday, April 27, 2009

Jeans Transformed

Some of you know that my mom is a champion garage saler. If you want something, you can put in an order with her and she will find it. Last summer, I mentioned I wanted an ice cream maker, and we found one later that week - a Cuisinart for $10! My blender broke and she found me a hardly used Kitchen Aid for $5. And clothes! She finds the cutest, most fun clothes for the girls.

While I was going through a tote of size 4s that Nora outgrew long ago, I found a pair of jeans my mom had gotten her at a garage sale. They had sunflowers embroidered all over them, and a cute yellow snap. Unfortunately, the knees were worn out. One had a big hole and the other was one fall away from disaster. Clearly Nora had loved these jeans, but they weren't going to work out for Dana. So I decided to turn them into shorts. I grabbed my scissors, pins and some fabric leftover from my owl pajamas and went to work.

They came out a bit long, like Bermudas, but I figure that the weather is rarely HOT here, so Bermudas are perfect.

To make them, I cut two pieces of fabric that were twice as long as the diameter of the leg opening. Does that make sense? I hemmed one edge and basted the other. Then I pulled the basting to gather the top edge and pinned it to the shorts. After stitching the ruffle in place, I steamed it down and top stitched. It took like an hour to make these shorts and two purses.

Yes, purses. See, when I cut off the legs above the knees, I realized that there was a long section that was just fine. So I cut the knees off again and used the cuff of the pants to make two purses, one for each girl. Because I didn't tell you yet that Nora also has these jeans in a 6, though the knees are still intact.

To make the purses, I cut 2" wide strips of the yellow fabric, then pressed them twice to make bias tape. I sewed this around the top raw edge of each purse, sewed wide ribbon handles on, and sewed the bottoms together. Voila! Two purses and a pair of shorts in one hour. Awesome morning!


  1. Thank you! Nora asked me to transform her sunflower jeans, too, so that is my plan for sometime today. Maybe tonight when the sun is not shining!