Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blackberry Cupcakes

On Saturday evening, we attended our friend's belated annual Cinco de Mayo party. It's a potluck, and rather than making something Mexican, I, of course, made cupcakes.

I had been dreaming about this recipe for a week, and when I saw blackberries on sale at the grocery store near our house, it seemed meant to be.

Aren't they beautiful? The icing has butter, cream cheese, and blackberry preserves. It is a lovely color for sure.

But you know what? These were just okay. The cake was very heavy and tasted oddly like cornbread. The icing was delicious, but it had only a tiny hint of berry taste.

For the time this recipe took, and the quantity of ingredients required (6 eggs! 3 cups of sugar!), it wasn't worth it. But they sure are pretty!

And I may well try the icing again with a different type of preserves. Maybe blackberry isn't a strong enough flavor. But the party sure was fun!

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