Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bachelorette Party (G rated, of course!)

My good friend Tara is getting married in two weeks.

She didn't want one of "those" bachelorette parties. You know what I mean. So her sister (I think) came up with the most amazing party instead: a slumber party!

We went to Larsmont Cottages, which is incredibly beautiful. We had a three bedroom cottage for the night, shared by eight friends.

The living room of our cottage.
We loved the fireplace! Though someone
(nobody is sure who) turned the thermostat
to 84 degrees, and it got almost that hot before
we noticed. Oops!

Big surprise that I brought cupcakes. I made a vanilla buttercream frosting using vanilla I made from beans my parents brought home from Huahine two years ago. The pink heart platter was completely appropriate for this event.

Charity brought the most spectacular sparklers, which were incredibly fun! They lasted forever and were so very bright. That's Tara, the bride, on the right.

And some more sparklers. See how happy Charity and Tara are? They really were THAT FUN!

I can't wait for the wedding! I just need to find myself a dress...

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