Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreaming of Dresses

I am almost done reworking Nora's fairy dress. I ended up copying the bodice of a dress that fits her really well. It is awfully cute, and I will post photos tomorrow. I just have to do the buttonholes. The problem is that I dropped my button hole attachment so long ago I forgot it happened. I tried to duct tape it back together, but I can't get it tight enough for the gears to catch. So my plan tonight is to relearn how to use the buttonhole foot on my machine to manually sew a buttonhole. (Have you ever seen the word "buttonhole" so many times in one paragraph?) Anyhoo, I will do that tonight and have Nora pose for some photos tomorrow. Dana is already asking where hers is. So I guess we will be going to the fabric store, too, in hopes that I can sew a second dress before Tara and Dan's wedding next Saturday (eight days from now).

In the meantime, I am already concocting ideas for more dresses. I found a bunch of posts on various blogs about how to repurpose mens button up shirts into little girl dresses. My girls are head over heels for Daddy, and they would get the biggest kick out of wearing dresses made from his shirts.

Also, I absolutely love this fabric! I want to buy it and knit the bodice and use most of one fabric for one dress, with a contrasting ruffle from the other fabric, making the girls mirror-image space dresses. Why, you ask? Well, Dana loves space. She talks about astronauts, space suits, space ships, and planets all the time. And Nora is studying outer space at school right now and is also fascinated. She paints watercolors of the planets, in order, with the astroid belt in the appropriate location. She loves to talk about planets, the sun, constellations and many other spacey things. So I thought this fabric was perfect. Also, I am ready to sew something cute and girly but not pink, purple or too frilly. I think a little ruffle at the hem would add just enough frill to make the girls fall in love. We'll see.

Isn't it funny how, two weeks ago, I was cursing the day I thought sewing garments was a good idea, and now I am dreaming of new things to make for the girls? And how the object I most covet at this point in my life is a serger? Life takes funny turns. Sorry for the lack of photos. I guess I just had some ranting to do. Big surprise.

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  1. Good luck on the speed sewing--it should go faster now that you've completed one, right? By the way, have your girls seen the Magic School Bus DVD Space Adventures? The episodes are: Magic School Bus gets lost in space, out of this world, and taking flight. My guys love them right now.