Monday, March 30, 2009

Dana's Spring Hat

I finished Dana's spring hat today! Which is kind of funny since we are supposed to get about ten inches of snow. But that's all right because, when it finally turns into spring, we will be ready.

Dana selected this yarn after much consideration. It reminds me of an Easter egg because of the swirling pastels. She passed right over the yarn that matches her spring jacket, which is a salmon kind of hue. But that's OK, too, because life is not about matching.

She was in such a silly mood and insisted on posing in many different positions, both still and in motion.

See that cool button? I recently started a button jar, recently like two months ago or so. There are not many buttons in it. But, like most of us, I remember going through my mother's button tin as a child and admiring the many colors, textures and patterns. So I started my own and already it has come in handy! This button was just waiting for this hat.

The hat pattern is called Pi Topper and is based on a shawl pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Do you see the sort of snail-like swirling on the crown? The variegated yarn enhances the swirliness, but it is visible on the solid colored hats I saw on Ravelry, too.

The yarn is Cascade Fixation, which is cotton and elastic. It is super stretchy, which is so wonderful for a growing head. Or really, for a growing anything. It is DK weight, I think, which is very nice for spring. Or, so I have heard. What is this "spring" I keep talking about?

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