Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Tote and Reason to Celebrate

Remember how I made a fat quarter tote for Nora to haul her water bottle and legwarmers to gymnastics in? Well, I made another one.

Dana picked out her own fabric. Her favorite color is purple, so I shouldn't have been surprised at her selections. The lining/contrast fabric actually has a shiny silver design on it. So flashy!

I made Dana a tote for three reasons. First of all, she needed something to transport her shoes, her Read to Me book and whatever toy she checked out back to ECFE each week. I feel like she is old enough to haul her own stuff instead of making me haul all of this in MY tote bag. And I feel like she will be happy to haul her own stuff in this pretty little bag made with fabric she selected. Second, I have mom guilt. I felt that if I made one for Nora, I needed to make one for Dana, too. It's only fair. Third, the first one was fast and easy and I wanted to make another. I enjoy combining fabrics, and I am still working on that straight line goal. I figure the more I practice the more likely I will actually master my 2009 goal.

My sweetie brought this home for me. He had his thesis approved tonight, and both he and his advisor are really excited about the topic. The thesis has been through many, many, many phases and it is a wonderful feeling to know that there is an end in sight at last. This is a little something to celebrate with. He knows me so well! He got himself a slab of beef to grill. And he is oh so cheerful, both about the thesis and the beef. Happy Friday!

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