Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Banana Bread Banana Bread Banana Bread Banana Bread

Look what we did today!

We go through both banana-free and banana-lovin' streaks here. We just finished up banana-free and are back to lovin'. Except that in the meantime, EIGHT bananas got very, very dark in our fruit basket. So today we mixed and baked four batches of banana bread, one after another. I only have the one bread pan because I fell for the Pampered Chef stoneware bread pan and, well, they don't just give those away. Which is fine, because how often do I bake more than one loaf of something in a day?

The recipe is my favorite banana bread recipe and came from this book by local cookbook guru Bea Ojakangas. I now have the recipe memorized, which is kind of nice because I make it kind of a lot due to the whole banana love/hate. It freezes well, is very easy and is moist and delicious, plus there is the whole low fat thing.

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