Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Nightie for Dana

Way back in August, I went to the fabric store for a specific project. Dana was with me, and she saw this soft flannel and went nuts! I was completely taken by this reaction to fabric by my wee 4 year-old. And so we bought it up, along with fabric for my original project. I went home and prewashed it immediately. And then I folded it up, put it on top of my dresser, and got busy with other stuff. For 6 months. Ahem.

I finally had a few hours to dedicate to Dana's new nightie!

Orange and yellow are such a welcome break from purple and pink.

Though the trim has both purple and pink in it. It's a coordinating flannel that also has the yellow and orange in it.

I debated putting the trim around the sleeve cuffs, but finally decided against it.

The fabric is Valori Wells. Like I said, softest flannel ever!

I finished it up this morning and surprised Dana with it. She told me she's going to wear it all day long, plus tonight. And then we had this photo shoot. I think she enjoyed it.

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