Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Socks: Ta-da!

I finished my second pair of socks yesterday! And it's even more exciting because I made this pair for myself. Meaning I get to enjoy them for many moons.

It's not that easy to take a photo of your own feet, but I did it anyway. I really love how this yarn makes its own stripes. I didn't know it was going to do this. I know, I know-self-striping yarn isn't a brand new phenomenon. I just didn't realize this yarn was self-striping until I got into the pattern a bit. I am very pleased.

I just added these photos to Ravelry and realized that I started them on April 20 and I finished them on July 20. Isn't that fun?

Now I understand why Smart Wool socks are so expensive: All that soft, wool yarn and all that time! Then again, it isn't the same to just buy socks and put them on. I like to believe I will love these more because I have three months of my life invested in them.

My mom was teasing me about finishing up wool socks in July. Sadly, it's about 60 degrees and rainy today, and wool socks really are a good idea.

I have a recipe to post later, when I have more time. Also, a sewing project is winding down. I have been busy inside during this cold spell!

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