Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Charity's Mini Messenger

My friend Charity liked my mini messenger bag so much that she wanted one for herself! We walked up to the fabric store last week and she selected her fabrics. She fell for the apple fabric and went from there!

There is a double pocket on the front, under the apple flap. You can see where it starts because the stripes aren't the same. I just couldn't line up stripes of different widths. I tried!

There's another double pocket on the back. That would be the lollipop flower fabric.

The inside. I did a MUCH better job on this inside pocket than I did on my own. In fact, the whole bag was way easier. I think the hardest part of making bags is cutting out the pieces. I am really bad at using the rotary cutter and mat. I do better when I have a pattern piece to pin to the fabric, i.e. something to cut around. Measuring and cutting is not my cup of tea!

I plan to bring this to Charity this evening. I hope she loves it!

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