Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A few weeks ago, Kevin's parents came over with the most delightful gift: fencing!

They worked with Kevin for two afternoons installing this around my vegetable garden. I can't even tell you how exciting this is! Last year, the deer and the bunnies ate everything in my garden. I was not very happy to have spent hours and hours weeding, tilling, planting, watering, weeding, watering, weeding, watering and weeding just so the local wildlife could eat everything.

It's been really hot here for the past few days, and I have been vigilant about watering and weeding, and everything has just sprung up. I swear the tomatoes have grown several inches this week! And look at the flowers! This means I will actually have tomatoes to harvest this year!

My dad had extra onion sets, so Dana planted a row in our garden. They are growing like weeds. I am thrilled!

Peas! I am very happy to see peas coming up. I planted them along one edge of the garden so that they can grow right up the fence. Smart of me, no? Yeah, it was Jerry's idea, not mine. That's Kevin's dad.

These are pole beans. I chose yellow because I am lazy, and I will be able to see yellow easily when it comes time to pick them. Green beans are much harder to spot, since they are the exact same hue as bean leaves.

Cucumbers! These are actually in my flower bed, but I am still very excited about them. Fresh cucumbers are my all time favorite garden treat. I like them even better than garden tomatoes. Isn't that crazy? I planted four plants, one on each side of my 4-sided obelisk. I should have planted 40 plants because I love them that much.

Some color, just for fun.

I have other things growing in the vegetable garden, too. Things like Swiss chard, kohlrabi, spinach, carrots. Kevin's dad had a huge selection of seeds leftover from his gardening adventures, and he shared them with us. Those tiny seedlings are hard to photograph still since they are very tiny yet. I also have a pepper plant and some basil. But really-how many plants do you want to look at?

I have a couple of sewing projects in the works, but it has been much too nice out to sit inside sewing. I will probably start the one tonight though.

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