Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Now that the girls are getting older, they notice things like holiday decorations. For example, my sister is a huge fan of Halloween, and she puts up a gigantic Halloween village every year. This year, the girls asked me when we were going to put up our Halloween decorations. Except that we don't own any Halloween decorations.

So I have been working on holiday decorations. One occasion at a time.

I spent a couple of gymnastics sessions cutting bunnies out of felt.

I had thread to match each bunny already. I just had to buy ribbon.

Ta-da! It's a Peeps banner! The girls love it, and it was really easy.

I made one for Grandma Bev too. She hung hers over their patio door. Now I want to make us a second one so we can hang ours over our patio doors next year.

If you want to make one, go here to view the tutorial. Some people have the best ideas!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea, Alissa! The boys were lamenting the fact that we have zero decorations for Easter/spring.