Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Central Park Hoodie

Wow-I haven't posted since February 15!

Well...let me fill you in the Ravelympics: I failed. I didn't finish either of my projects. In fact, I didn't even start the hat. However, I was thisclose on the sweater. All I had left was seaming and the front band.

I finished a week late, on March 7. On the one hand, I didn't meet my deadline. On the other hand my hoodie is done! And months earlier than I thought! I was certain it would take me an entire year to knit, and it ended up taking 4 months.

Here are a few photos, with the warning that I have not blocked it. The front band is ribbed and sort of shrinks up the length of the sweater. Blocking will help that. I just need to do it. Also, I can't decide on buttons. I am still trying to find the perfect ones.

Also: photography is not a talent of mine. I tried. Sorry.

Here's the back. Some people continued the cable pattern all the way up the hood. I opted not to. I was already trying to keep track of where I was on the cabling around the front of the hood, and I was NOT on the same row on both sides of the hood. I didn't feel like I could throw in a third cable to keep track of and keep my sanity.

Here's a close-up of the cabling on the back.

The only change I made: I went up one size for the sleeves. I read time and time again that the sleeves were tight. Thank goodness for Ravelry! Mine are perfect!

The verdict:
Yarn- I absolutely love this yarn! It's Manos de Uruguay Rittenhouse.

Pattern- So easy to follow. If I ever knit it again, I will do the body in one piece, not 3. Seaming is fine, but why bother if you don't have to?

Ravelympics- Mixed feelings about this. It was helpful to have a deadline in mind to urge me to keep going. However, towards the end, it was stressing me out. I knit to de-stress, so it seemed counterproductive. I will sign up again next year, but with more realistic goals so it's challenging AND fun.

As for the hat, I am working on it. About 3 weeks ago, my right arm started to ache, and then it started to get numb. I finally went to the doctor and she took some x-rays and it looks like 2 of the vertebrae in my neck are compressed, and they're pinching a nerve. For about 2 weeks, my wrist hurt so much that I couldn't really use my fingers. Which meant knitting was out. I start PT on Monday, so hopefully this will get sorted out so I can get back to life.

Meanwhile, I have some old stuff to post in the next few days.

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